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Why using only Google may not be such a good idea… July 30, 2007

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Research Tools, Searching.
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As a follow-up to our discussion about the role of Google at the last Information Services meeting, you may find this report by the folks at Dogpile interesting:



“Only 3.6 percent of the #1 ranked non-sponsored search results were the same across all search engines [Google, Yahoo Search, Live Search, Ask] for a given query…”


Blogging and RSS Show and Share March 17, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Audio Blogging, Blogging, Feed Readers, Podcasting, Polling, Research Tools.

On Friday, March 17, we had a Show and Share session for those librarians using blogs and RSS. Ten people got together in an informal gathering in the SEL to trade their expertise and results of their experimentation with these technologies.

Rhonda McGinnis led off by demonstrating how to add mini-polls and drop-down menus to a blog using Bravenet web tools. Rhonda provided great handouts which described the processes in detail.

Michael Samson teamed up with Veronica Bielat to demonstrate Audioblogger. In a live demonstration, Veronica called in an audio blog posting to Michael's blog. Michael then titled it and published the post.

Michael also showed the group how to request new feeds ("channels") in Pipeline, and briefly outlined the use of ClassCaster, Onfolio, and Microsoft's Live toolbar.

Mike Sensiba concluded the session with some tips on using Bloglines. He first demonstrated how to send another person a list of your subscriptions ("Tell a Friend"). Then, he showed how to navigate to the original web postings from within Bloglines. Finally, he discussed creating an email subscription to receive listserv content.

The group also discussed the relative merits of various forms of media (written word vs. audio vs. video) and compared reading information via a feed reader vs. via email.