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Blogs and Authority October 5, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Authority, Blogging.

A request came to me yesterday from our Provost via our Dean to describe how to search for blogs. One of the issues with searching for blogs is that many of the popular search tools don’t do a really good job of differentiating between blogs and more traditional information sources. This may be based in part on how the sources are structured (i.e., XML), but may also indicate that the lines between traditionally-published and participant -published content may be blurring. For example, is information on the Creative Commons, authored by Professor Lawrence Lessig in his blog, less authoritative than information on the Creative Commons authored by a staff writer for some newspaper, just because of the form in which it is distributed?



Feedpass – RSS delivery and education May 19, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Blogging, Feed Readers, RSS.
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I stumbled upon FeedPass via LibraryStuff today, and it seems like a nice site for managing site RSS feeds. It accepts your site's feed address and lets visitors preview your feed, subscribe to it using their favorite reader, browser or email account, tag it in their favorite bookmarking service, and read supporting information about the world of RSS (feeds, readers, etc.). I think this tool is an interesting blend of function and education.

The Feedpass address for this blog is: http://www.feedpass.com/ThinkBigLibrary995

Files from 3/17 Show and Share March 20, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Blogging, Polling.
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Files from the presentations at March 17's Show and Share can be found here:
Z:\Information Services\Info Services Shared\Blogging and RSS Workshops

These files include the original Blogging and RSS Powerpoint, Rhonda’s Mini Polls and DropDown Menu’s handouts (with step-by-step directions), and Veronica’s Adding Sidebar links code handout.

I see colors! March 18, 2006

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As Rhonda discussed in the Show and Share:

Pantone/Hexidecimal codes for certain colors

Green (p=561/h=266659)
Beige (p=451/h=ADA07A)
Red (p=208/h=8E2344)
Yellow (p=1225/h=FFCC49)

A great site for color picking is the Hex Hub HTML Color Codes

Blogging and RSS Show and Share March 17, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Audio Blogging, Blogging, Feed Readers, Podcasting, Polling, Research Tools.

On Friday, March 17, we had a Show and Share session for those librarians using blogs and RSS. Ten people got together in an informal gathering in the SEL to trade their expertise and results of their experimentation with these technologies.

Rhonda McGinnis led off by demonstrating how to add mini-polls and drop-down menus to a blog using Bravenet web tools. Rhonda provided great handouts which described the processes in detail.

Michael Samson teamed up with Veronica Bielat to demonstrate Audioblogger. In a live demonstration, Veronica called in an audio blog posting to Michael's blog. Michael then titled it and published the post.

Michael also showed the group how to request new feeds ("channels") in Pipeline, and briefly outlined the use of ClassCaster, Onfolio, and Microsoft's Live toolbar.

Mike Sensiba concluded the session with some tips on using Bloglines. He first demonstrated how to send another person a list of your subscriptions ("Tell a Friend"). Then, he showed how to navigate to the original web postings from within Bloglines. Finally, he discussed creating an email subscription to receive listserv content.

The group also discussed the relative merits of various forms of media (written word vs. audio vs. video) and compared reading information via a feed reader vs. via email.

Cymfony Knowledge Center February 8, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Blogging, Web 2.0 Tools.
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Want to know more about Web 2.0? Blogs? Check out Cymfony Knowledge Center.

Cymfony “helps companies keep their products and messages in tune with the fast-changing expectations of their most important audiences: customers, prospects, journalists, and influential bloggers. By aggregating and analyzing content from over 200,000 traditional media sources and millions of consumer-generated media messages, [they] help marketers find new product ideas, unmet consumer needs, product or service quality issues, and emerging market trends.”

Each Knowledge Center topic provides the following:

  1. Fast Facts: a few of the most important statistics to quantify the importance of each of these trends
  2. Briefing Book: a small, select set of the most important magazine articles and white papers that define each tool, provide background on their development, and put them in the context of changing consumer behaviors and marketing strategies.
  3. Best Practices: a small, select set of articles and white papers that demonstrate how to use these tools for business advantage.

While the emphasis is on business uses for these technologies, the site contains a wealth of good information applicable to the educational enterprise.

Blogging Software Compared February 2, 2006

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USC Annenberg’s Online Journalism Review has a nice article entitled “Time to check: Are you using the right blogging tool” which lays out a number of features and differences among the top blogging software tools.

There’s also a nice comparison chart at http://www.ojr.org.ojr/images/blog_software_comparison.cfm

Links to eleven blog tools can be found in Forbes.com Best of the Web. WordPress receives a Forbes Favorite, while Blogger, Blogsome, Movable Type and Textpattern received Best of The Web picks.