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Overheard on the elevator November 12, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Gadgets.

How do people learn about new technology? The Web? User manuals? Third party books? Well, in many cases, they talk to their friends and acquaintances about it.

Three people on the elevator, admiring a new mini MP3 player:

Q1: “Can you recharge it through your computer?”

A: “No it just takes batteries.”

Q2: “How many songs does it hold?”

A: “About 50 to 55, I think.”

Q3: “How do you turn it off?”

Elevator door opens and the group leaves. Informal learning is very important, and even tech-savvy millennials have trouble with technology usability.



1. LaShawnda Wrice - November 12, 2006

Sometimes you do learn more from informal situations. I know I have. Would this happen to be a P/K experience?

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