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Cymfony Knowledge Center February 8, 2006

Posted by Michael Sensiba in Blogging, Web 2.0 Tools.

Want to know more about Web 2.0? Blogs? Check out Cymfony Knowledge Center.

Cymfony “helps companies keep their products and messages in tune with the fast-changing expectations of their most important audiences: customers, prospects, journalists, and influential bloggers. By aggregating and analyzing content from over 200,000 traditional media sources and millions of consumer-generated media messages, [they] help marketers find new product ideas, unmet consumer needs, product or service quality issues, and emerging market trends.”

Each Knowledge Center topic provides the following:

  1. Fast Facts: a few of the most important statistics to quantify the importance of each of these trends
  2. Briefing Book: a small, select set of the most important magazine articles and white papers that define each tool, provide background on their development, and put them in the context of changing consumer behaviors and marketing strategies.
  3. Best Practices: a small, select set of articles and white papers that demonstrate how to use these tools for business advantage.

While the emphasis is on business uses for these technologies, the site contains a wealth of good information applicable to the educational enterprise.



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