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Who’s online, and what are they doing? July 30, 2007

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This chart appeared on businessweek.com, June 11, 2007.


More than 50% of U.S. online users, aged 12-26, are “joiners”, i.e., they use social networking sites.



Microsoft, Nickleodeon, MTV study of kids/youth and digital technology July 30, 2007

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The study covers 18,000 kids (8-14) and youth (14-24) from 16 countries. It provides lots of information on young people’s view of digital technology, including supporting the notion that young people’s preferences for how they spend their time may not have changed all that much.


“Kids and young people don’t love the technology itself — they just love how it enables them to communicate all the time, express themselves and be entertained.”

Article: “Kids say e-mail is, like, soooo dead” July 30, 2007

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In interviews with teen entrepreneurs at the Mashup 2007 conference, teens related their declining use of email, and even IM, in favor of text messaging and social networking sites (like MySpace and Facebook). See the article here.


“[Martina Butler, the host of the teen podcast Emo Girl Talk] replied that she uses Facebook on her cell phone. “I need (Facebook) everywhere I go, but I log into e-mail only once a week,” she said.”


Information Literacy Declining? July 30, 2007

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From Wired 15.07: “InfoPorn: Despite the Web, Americans Remain Woefully Ill-Informed


“A new study from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press shows that Americans, on average, are less able to correctly answer questions about current events than they were in 1989. Citizens who call the Internet their primary news source know slightly less than fans of TV and radio news.”


Article: “The Changing Information Services Needs of Faculty” by Roger C. Shonfeld and Kevin M. Guthrie July 30, 2007

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This article appears in the current issue of Educause Review: http://www.educause.edu/apps/er/erm07/erm0746.asp?bhcp=1


“…it becomes evident that faculty perceive themselves as becoming decreasingly dependent on the library for their research and teaching needs. Libraries provide critical information goods and services for faculty members, but if these goods and services are not appreciated, libraries may face political challenges on campus in gaining the funding necessary to do their work. Yet though most faculty members expect the library to become less relevant for them in the next years, virtually none believe their institutions should redirect library expenditures to other campus needs.”


Using Technology in Instruction–MTV Style July 30, 2007

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Chronicle Careers had an interesting (tongue in cheek?) essay today on updating courses with technology: “Pimp My Course”



Phone tools July 30, 2007

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From Gary Price’s ResourceShelf:


Google Acquires GrandCentral and Other Telephone Resources
A 2.0 company that allows users to centralize various phone numbers into a single number.
From the blog post:

GrandCentral offers many features that complement the phone services you already use. If you have multiple phone numbers (e.g., home, work, cell), you get one phone number that you can set to ring all, some, or none of your phones, based on who’s calling. This way, your phone number is tied to you, and not your location or job. The service also gives you one central voice mailbox.

Of course, in this 2.0 world, a number of other, related services are out there. Here’s a list of a few. We plan to dive in deeper soon.

1) Private Phone
Get a local # anywhere in the U.S. including hard to get area codes like 415. Listen to voice mail on the web.

2) http://www.callwave.com/
Voice mail to text. Also includes FREE text messaging and visual voicemail. CallWave is a publicly traded company. Several widgets available.

4)[sic] SpinVox.com
Voice mail and memos to text. Post to your blog by speaking into the phone (Spin-my-Blog). Create and share voice memos with a large group.

3) [sic] http://www.reqall.com
Lots of buzz on this one. Works well. Save audio notes, share, get transcripts. Searchable and permanent voice mail archive.

5) http://www.jott.com
Create to do lists, memos with your voice.

6) http://braincast.viatalk.com/
“…Internet & phone based message/memo recording & reminder organization system.”

7) http://www.pinger.com/
“With Pinger you can send voice messages instantly, from your mobile phone directly to anyone else’s. It’s fast and efficient like email, portable like text messaging and powered with your voice. Pinger’s great for sending voice messages from your mobile to one friend or an entire group with just one call.”

8) http://www.simulscribe.com/
“SimulScribe utilizes cutting edge voice recognition technology to convert your voicemail messages into text. We deliver your transcribed voicemail, along with the original audio, to your mobile phone, PDA, and/or email account. This process streamlines your communication flow, saving you both time and money.”

9) http://www.gotvoice.com/
+ Listen to your voicemail online.
+ Make one call to reach them all (either direct to phone or voicemail).
+ Mix in your favorite MP3 music as a background track for a personalized greeting. Change instantly from any computer.

10) numbr
In need of a temporary phone number for privacy reasons? Safety reasons. Annoying callers? numbr offers them at no charge. Select the “real number” where you want your numbr to forward to. They can expire in a day, week, or month. Many other features including do-not-disturb (during a set time period), don’t accept calls from blocked Caller IDs, email my incoming call history, and more. numbr is a free service. You can also set-up a temporary numbr by dialing (415) 234 5678.



Home Broadband Adoption 2007 July 30, 2007

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How our patrons are accessing the internet…


Summary of Findings

  • 47% of all adult Americans have a broadband connection at home as of early 2007, a five percentage point increase from early 2006.
  • Among individuals who use the internet at home, 70% have a broadband while 23% use dialup.
  • Home broadband adoption in rural areas, now 31%, continues to lag high speed adoption in urban centers and suburbs.
  • Internet usage in rural areas also trails the national average; 60% of rural adults use the internet from any location, compared with the national average of 71%.
  • 40% of African Americans now have a broadband connection at home, a nine percentage point increase from early 2006.
  • Since 2005, the percentage of African American adults with a home broadband connection has nearly tripled, from 14% in early 2005 to 40% in early 2007.


These findings come from a survey of 2,200 adult Americans conducted in February and March of 2007.


From Pew Internet & American Life Project.

See full report at: http://www.pewinternet.org/pdfs/PIP_Broadband%202007.pdf

Video game effects on adolescents July 30, 2007

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This article appeared in the current Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (July 2007, Vol. 161, No. 7):


Relation of Adolescent Video Game Play to Time Spent in Other Activities, by Hope M. Cummings, MA; Elizabeth A. Vandewater, PhD




From the Conclusions:


“…concerns regarding gamers’ neglect of school responsibilities (reading and homework) are warranted.”

Gadget backlash? July 30, 2007

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From Pew Internet and American Life Project:

Don’t Blame Me: It’s the Phone’s Fault! Many Internet and Cell Phone Users Find Devices and Applications Too Complicated or Hardly Worth the Trouble